​About Lissy Boesen

​”I’ve always had cats, both as a child and adult, and they have always been an inspiration to me”

​The cats
To Lissy, the cat is a beautiful, fascinating, self-contained creature that somehow seems to understand the art of striking an attractive pose.
With such an obvious ‘model’, it is hardly surprising that her very first play sculpture took the form of a large, resting cat. Working in cooperation with the Danish Technological Institute, Lissy developed her own manufacturing methods for these sculptures.

​​New ideas
​Lissy is always working on ideas and sketches for new models. Some of these remain as sketches or prototypes that are never brought to production.
Others may be taken up again much later. Perhaps they will be restored to favor, achieving a new life as a one-of-a-kind vase, an outdoor decoration or a new sculpture for the playground.

​​The island workshop
​Lissy Boesen is often inspired by nature – especially in the area around her own workshop on the island of Møn. The fields and beaches that surround her provide both creative inspiration and peace in which to work. Interesting plants, pretty stones and rolling waters have made their mark on Lissy’s designs. But the island workshop also has plenty of room for Mrs. Gray and the ’family’ who, like Lissy, enjoy the peace and quiet of the waterside at Møn.