The cats


“Little cat on the road on the way if you are, if you are, I’m fucking my own”

Piet Hein

Lissy grew up in the countryside with lots of animals, and have always had cats, both as a child and adult.

Lissy is also very much its own and has persisted to want to invent methods to produce the sculptures in several forms and materials.

Lissy have had cats for about 36 years. The first cats were Tarzan and Jane. Later Alma and Skipper. Since Skipper was old, ill and died, decided Lissy that she should not have
more cats – but it turned out that it is certain she does not.

May’s cat  are soft and smooth with whisker of silk and eyes like amber.
May’s cat can purr, and fool – and when they get kittens say meow”

Halfdan Rasmussen


One spring day in May arrived Mrs. Grey – and took Skipper’s house, where she gave birth to 6 kittens (4 gray and two black-brown). And they were allowed to stay.

Lissy and a neighbor sat every day and enjoyed the sight of the little playful kittens.
They got the names: Grundtvig, møffe, Minna, Kingo, Ingemann and Valarone.

They talked about how they should be shared.. Lissy selected Grundtvig, møffe and Minna. And when they were large enough to leave home distributed Mrs. Gray just the cats Lissy and neighbors had chosen.

The cats have been living there since.

Only Mrs. Gray visiting both places.

It is a great gift to the cats chose to stay with Lissy and neighbor. They are udekatte with housing. And they are good mouse hunters to the delight of the village’s other